Café la Fournaise is a company with 27 years of expertise in coffee roasting. The company has built its goodwill on the careful selection of the best beans produced from the greatest coffee gardens around the world: Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ethiopia and Madagascar. Our traditional roaster expertise results in famous blends which contribute in Café La Fournaise’s success story.

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Dodo Café has been recently launched with new blends such as: Grand Cru, Traditionnel, Intense and Saveurs des Iles. Dodo Café is available in supermarkets and in our two outlets located at the Caudan Waterfront’s Craft Market and Super U Grand Bay. Dodo Café also contributes to the protection of the environment and endemic species with the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation partnership.


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Café La Fournaise is a leading coffee manufacturer in Mauritius. The company is specialised for 27 years in roasting and manufacturing various coffee blends according to professional and individual customer’s requirements. The company has selected the best coffee beans from the most prestigious gardens of the world, South America, Central America, Caribbean and Africa. Coffee is roasted in our factory based in Mauritius, then packed either ground or in beans itself on demand of clients. Among the range of our coffee products, excellent roasted coffee blends have been set up for the pleasure of our customers.

Café La Fournaise group also provides other hot beverages (chocolate and milk) and coffee capsules. The company also represents top international coffee machines and equipment, and provides maintenance services. 






Café La Fournaise is a leader on the professional coffee segment in Mauritius. We have great experience in supplying hotels, restaurants, cafes in Mauritius and a large professional customer base. Café La Fournaise also offers personalised service to its clients by providing special and unique blends. We always do our best to ensure the quality of our products, equipment and services to hotel industry. Our maintenance service is 7/7 available in case of emergency.            



Our Outlets



Super U Grand Bay  



Craft Market, Caudan Waterfront Port-Louis  



Café La Fournaise, Royal Road Riche Terre  
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Factory Opening Hours Mon - Fri 8 am - 5 pm Sat - Sun Closed
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Dodo Café Super U Grand Bay
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Dodo Café Craft Market, Caudan Waterfront Port-Louis
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Factory - Café La Fournaise Royal Road, Industrial Zone Riche Terre Ile Maurice Tel: (230) 2492241 Fax (230) 2492353 Email :


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