We are the leader in Mauritius of office coffee solutions.
We supply more than 300 offices.

Finding the right office coffee machine for your company should be easy. We have a range of equipment solutions, tailored for all your needs. Don't worry about ever running out of coffee, we will make sure that you always have stock delivered to you every week.
The solutions on offer are based on the number of people in the office environment.


1 to 1 employees

 We would recommend you buy a coffee machine here. Don't ever run out of coffee with our coffee subscriptions. Enjoy free delivery every week directly to your office. If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us.
10-30 employees
We have many solutions for you!

30+ employees

 Do you offer cappuccino? Latte? Would you prefer fresh milk or powder milk?
We have many solutions for you.